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Hej och välkommen till den nya hemsidan för Erik Borglund. Jag samlar här i första hand information och komponenter som rör min forskning och min anställning vid Mittuniversitetet. Dock kommer även en del av hemsidan bestå av information som är av mer privat natur.

Hi and welcome to my new web page, this is foremost a webpage about my academic career but it might exist some content not related to research or teaching. The content will be written both in Swedish and English.

I am full-time employed at the Department of Information systems and Technology  in Sundsvall , Sweden. I work as a researcher and associate professor (senior lecturer) in archives and information science (Ph.D in Computer & System Science). My research is carried out foremost within the FODI (Forum For DIgitalization) and within the Risk, Crisis and Research Center RCR.

I have a 20 years experience as a police officer, and has been working in various departments within the Swedish police. I finished his master degree in information systems in 2004, and directly afterwards he was began his PhD studies. My PhD was about design implications on information systems involved in the recordkeeping process. I defended my thesis in 2008, and has since 2008 been affiliated with Mid Sweden University where I since 2009 holds a full time position as senior lecturer in archives and information science.

My research interest is mainly in the area of digital records, and he is especially interested in design aspects of records management systems, and other information systems in which records are born and managed. Erik Borglund has with his background as police officer studied the operational and tactical use of records both digital and analogue within the Swedish police. Current is Erik Borglund involved in two research projects, where he has a focus on records use and records creation during large police operations and during management of large-scale crisis where more than one actor is involved (e.g. the police, the fire brigade, the medical service etc.).

My research background from a traditional Scandinavian Information systems research tradition, where technology is studied in the context where it is used. The Scandinavian Information systems research tradition has always focused on the intertwined mix of users and technology. The Scandinavian Information Systems research tradition also include to carry out mostly interpretative qualitative studies, which Erik Borglund has been doing since 2003.

Beside my research I am also very interested in distance education, and the challenge of how to be able to teach the practical parts of the work an archivist and a records manager carries out, in a distance educational setting. The use of computer laboratories, online lecturers, recorded lectures, are examples of technologies tested and used to increase the quality of teaching.


Research presentation in Swedish (PDF)

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